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木の原生 Photocatalyst Series II - Odor Removal

  • Origin product from Japan 木の原生
  • Solution certified by SGS & PIAJ
  • Removal of odor for newly renovated home / office / restaurant
  • 5 year guarantee on treatment results
  • NEA certified cleaning company


Self-treatment Method:

Step 1: Before spraying, wipe the shelf / item until it is clean and dry.

Step 2: Spray 2 times, 30 minutes interval in between

Step 3: Spray evenly inside and outside the furniture, 30 cm away from boards, and press 3-5 times each time.

Step 4: Keep good ventilation after the spray and wipe the sprayed furniture with water after 3 days.


Solution Usage:

1 wardrobe need 1 bottle of solution.

25 meter square area of floor need 1 bottle of solution.

1 bed need 1 bottle of solution.


Our products and treatment solutions are imported from Japan's 木の原生 company which developed through Japan's advanced photocatalyst technology.

Photocatalyst Series II - Odor Removal

$55.00 Regular Price
$49.50Sale Price
  • Odor removal for laminated wood panel, wallpaper, furniture, fabrics, carpets, curtains & other odorous textile items

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